The Teaching EMR was born on the campus of Indiana University Medical School. The team at Indiana University Medical School and also researchers at the Regenstrief Institute, Blaine Takesue, MD, John T Finnell, MD, Jon Duke, MD, and along with others like Deb Litzelman, MD, William Tierney, MD, in the Center for Biomedical Informatics (CBMI) developed the concept and submitted for the AMA Accelerating Change in Medical Education grant that was awarded in 2013 to Indiana University Medical School. Regenstrief’s staff team in CBMI, which I have the privilege to be part of, has been developing and supporting the application’s evolution since 2013 which we call the Teaching EMR today

We went live at Indiana University in the Fall of 2015 with second-year students in an introduction to clinical medicine class. Several other schools have started in 2016, as well as a number of other research organizations that have used the application

So, what can someone expect that is interested in bringing the Teaching EMR to their program?

The Teaching EMR includes:

Annual Subscription

Access to the Teaching EMR is available on a yearly basis through our easy subscription pricing plan for students. Educators and Administrators at your institution are always Free with a student subscription pricing plan

Out of the Box

Standard Patient Database

Users of the Teaching EMR can expect to have access to our extensive patient database of real patient notes and records that are de-identified and misidentified to remove all identifiable information in the records (PHI removed and HIPAA certified). This valuable learning content is courtesy of our generous education partners at Eskenazi Health and IU Health, who are each making significant contributions to your student’s success through the use of their masked data.

Curriculum Administrator Tools

Educators and Administrators have a toolset of in-application functionality for user and curriculum management:

User Management

Quickly add new students to the application one-by-one or through bulk imports. The vendor no longer controls your team’s productivity as you wait for them to add a student to the system. Save time and use it for planning and developing the curriculum around the Teaching EMR.

The Right Class

Set-up classes for the coming school year in the super-simple toolkit inside the application. Whether you have nine campus locations or one location; Now you can move from year to year with confidence.

Curriculum Management

Put together your Courses and Lessons in a snap with the management tools inside the Teaching EMR. You can assign students and patients to lessons as well as the different courses planned in one place. Need to make changes, quickly use the tools and the additional support tools like RPG to identify the patients and assign them to the application to the student or lesson.

The Advantages of Being Early

Patient Selection

The application includes the full feature set of our patient list generator application used for quickly and easily identifying patients for case presentations, classroom lessons, or simulations from our extensive misidentified patient database. (RPG – Regenstrief Patient-list Generator standalone application is available for your Institution and Health System)

You Rule

Easily create alerts, rules, and learning points (ex: Clinical Decision Support rule) anywhere inside the EMR & CPOE system with this tool developed specifically for non-programmers. The product is called RAVE (Rule Authoring & Validation Environment) and after using it, the team is confident you will be sharing your positive experience with your colleagues and taking your student’s learning experience further than you thought possible. (RAVE standalone application is available for your Institution and Health System)

Reaching New Depths

The Teaching EMR has integrated natural language processing into the notes and can be turned on to make recommendations to the student on potential orderable items such a prescriptions and tests. (nDepth(TM) standalone application is available for your Institution and Health System to go deeper on your health data)

Expansive Resources

Easily integrate the educational resources your institution already provides for students right inside the application’s content at the point of instruction in areas of the record like the Medication List, Problem List, or Allergies. Educators and Evaluators can see which external resources students are using and in what context during the learning activity. We would enjoy the opportunity to demonstrate how you might use it inside the Teaching EMR to promote learning.


The standard implementation of each program includes the institution’s set-up and faculty training on the Teaching EMR. The team will work with the local IT team to set-up the user directory to your service (ex: LDAP, Active Directory) that manages program users.

Wrapping it Up

The Teaching EMR is a very flexible system. It is only limited by the scope of what a program is interested in using an EMR & CPOE system for in the classroom. With our built-in evaluation tools, programs are able to enhance their curriculum around the areas of critical thinking, applied learning, and evaluation using this HIT learning platform.

Contact a representative at the institute or take a test drive of the Teaching EMR or request a demo.

Sr. Product Manager

Brian Stout