Sam Regenstrief had a vision. The story goes that he had a family member that was being treated in a local hospital care setting. He did not like what he saw and was determined to use his resources to make a positive change in the way we deliver health care. You see, Sam was a successful industrialist who is affectionately known as the “Dishwasher King.”

Sam’s vision thrives within every research project and applied innovation that we release into the world every day here at the Institute. The infographic provided below is a small demonstration of the impact our Center for Biomedical Informatics has had the last 40+ years with great partners like Indiana University School of Medicine and Eskenazi Health (formerly Wishard).

Infographic on Innovation


Rich History

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Over 46 years of innovation in health care
  • Leader in research on linking EMRs with improved patient outcomes
  • Early innovator at the intersection of healthcare (EMRs, CPOEs, HIEs, Lab coding standards, and Clinical Decision Support) technology

While I would like to make a claim that our Teaching EMR is a first in the EMR/EHR classroom space, we can’t and are joined by many commercial vendors in this education space. We might be the only non-profit research organization in the world that has built an EMR/EHR for education with many unique features that I have discussed in other posts that make us better than many of the commercial vendors for education. (In some cases clinical practice–case in point RAVE, RPG, and real-time NLP which live in part or fully inside the Teaching EMR for users to leverage for learning.)

Forging New Paths

Our eventual move into more mobile delivery systems, gamification, curriculum exchange, and other leading edge technology areas using our Teaching EMR learning platform will forge new pathways for improving care through unique learning experiences. We are excited about building on our rich legacy of innovation here at the Institute and look forward to new partnerships with programs and partners for improving medical and allied health professions education.

If this sounds like something you are interested in learning more about, please don’t hesitate to use the contact forms on the site or reach out to me directly. I’m always happy to talk with educators and innovators that wish to effectuate change–just like Sam Regenstrief has always wanted us to do.

Brian Stout

Sr. Product Manager at the Center for Biomedical Informatics

Regenstrief Institute


Here is a PDF version of the document if that would be helpful.