I had to travel quite a bit for my old role with a healthcare IT organization. That meant that I spent a significant amount of precious time in hotels and airports. If you have had to do much travel in your life, then you might value (like I do) the little things like an upgrade.

A Little Smarter, A lot Easier

The world around us is getting more intelligent. Wouldn’t you agree? Everything is “smart” or at least is getting smarter with age. We like to think here at the Regenstrief Institute’s Center for Biomedical Informatics that we are building those smarts into our EMR learning platform. Our development team has done just that with our latest release v2.2.5. In our last release, we’ve made it simpler for users not to have to remember another login and password with our single sign-on capabilities. Now we have improved upon that with the latest release.

Administrators have a lot of individuals to keep track of in their programs. The team here for tEMR wanted to make sure that we added some features for them in user management. With a central authentication service and some intelligence, we can now authenticate if a new user has logged into the tEMR application before for our SaaS. If this is the first time they are logging into the system, and we don’t have their user credentials, it will ask the student user to provide some information we will use to authenticate securely and setup.

The goal is to quickly get the student started using their programs institution within the tEMR application without the administrative headaches and frustration of new user creation.


Not So Amusing, but Better

In development, there is a time that many teams need to make a decision to keep going down one path, or taking a new path. We are forging a new path to improve some backend capabilities of the application and using more open source software to keep our costs of delivering world-class experiences for medical and health professions education students.

As I have talked about in previous posts, the Teaching EMR is a branch of one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) running Electronic Medical Record systems in the country. With such a long legacy in an application, you will from time to time need to branch from the production system that your application is built on. We have done that with the release and made our application better.

To not get too technical, orders, notes, and other data created by a users interaction with the system will get saved directly to the web application rather than going through another process that ensures the data is being stored in the right formats in the tEMR application database. Our team is excited about that update in the latest release, but I can understand if that does not get you excited. The infrastructure of our learning platform for programs just keeps getting better.


In this latest release, we have also made some enhancements for users with our RAVE tool. As I have talked about it before, the RAVE capabilities in the tEMR are extremely useful for programs that want to create learning activities with rules and alerts at any point within the learning activity within the system. We believe this is a unique solution that you won’t find in other EMR learning platforms.

Administrators and curriculum development teams do not need dedicate IT resources or to even be experts programmers to enhance the learning experience and add rules and alerts to your unique SaaS application. It is configurable to meet your curricular needs. We simply improved how the user can create even more intelligent rules within our system.

Better learning activities for students. That is always something to get us excited!

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